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Bioprinting empowers

researchers with tools to improve experimental outcomes and students with skillsets in an emerging technology

3D Bioprinting will impact a wide range of branches of medicine in personalization and customization

Xuanhe Zhao

MIT Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Using bioprinted tissue models to test drugs against diseases including COVID-19

Drug Discovery from Technology Networks


Principle consultant, BioPraise

As a researcher and educator, I highly recommend Dr. Lim’s introductory bioprinting course. The course is especially useful for newcomers to bioprinting and tinkerers.


Interim Director, Austin Community College Bioscience Incubator

Dr. Lim had several modules to showcase the software, hardware and bioinks. Everyone learned a lot and we had a contagious bioprinting fever at the Biosciencce incubator for months to come.


Co-Director, Science Research Institute

I am excited about bioprinting technology because it allows my students to incorporate skills that are currently being utilized in state-of-the-art laboratories around the world.

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